Nobody Loves Ryan
Hey there everyone, it's Chuck. Welcome to my comic strip. I didn't get a chance to write a post right off. Well Ryan seemed to like the strip a lot. He said "REAL funny strip chuck, REALLY funny". Now some people might take that as being sarcastic. I however believe that he enjoys being made fun of. He'd better, because I do it all the time :). If u've been following our main strip, the Children at Play one. You will realize that Ryan is just a evil little man. So I thought that my first couple of strips should reflect how we hear at Children at Play Inc. feel about him. But it's all in good fun, I'm just kidding Ryan. Or am I? Dum dum dum dum...

AS I write this I am DJing a basketball game. There is a camera man here who keeps flashing his camera in my eyes and I am blind. I also only got 4 hours of sleep becasue Nate and I invented a new game plaed with a pitcher and a batter, with a wiffleball bat and an empty soda can. The picher pitches the can and the batter sings, attempting to get a home run. The problem (fun) with the game is that as the can is hit it shreds, so that now we are playing with an aluminum razor blade instead of a can. My team (Chuck's Globe Trotting Chimps), which was comprised of me, won the game by one point, but Nate's team (Nate's Ninja Allstars), which was comprised of Nate, won the "I'm a sore loser so I'll push you in the snow" game.

P.S. I like making fun of Ryan

I Really HATE Ryan
So some people were confused about my last comic. No ryan was not shocked. He was in a state of shock at the guns i was holding. okay, glad that's cleared up. now you can all stop whining.

i bought diablo II. now i'm not much on videogames. i never have the money to buy them, but i love this game. yes i know it's not new news or anything. and no it's not the first time i've played it. but it's just so good. the problem is that time seems to speed up way to fast when i play. i load the game, and WHAMMO, one hour gone. then after what feels like 30 minutes of play, i've grown 8 years older. i figure if i play it for what feels like a day, i'll be able to experiance the end of the universe. however it's worth it cause the game is just that good.

man it's 3:30 in the morning and i just finished writing a comparision paper between a guy that we talked about in class and a movie i was supposed to see, but didn't. thank god for the internet and movie reviewers. anyways...i sleep now. peace

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